Saturday, November 10, 2012


I've been thinking. After being "wild and crazy" for awhile, it's time to grow up.
It's time to stop trying to be young and wild. Mentally and physically.
Which means, it's time to upgrade myself, and become a proper mature bachelor.
Alright alright they get it Daniel!

Mental improvements:
-Patience. I'm one of those people that do things by impulse. Sure it's fun but sometimes I make dumb decisions. It's getting a lot better though. Learning to chill out and take it slow. Learning patience takes patience. HAR HAR HAR... yuk.

-3 DRINKS MAXIMUM. Spending $200-$400 a night when I go out is starting to become... old...and dumb. I do have a great time but it's just for those few moments... doing that every weekend, kinda pointless.
*Update (4/1/2013): A girl I was dating helped me get this in control... now that I'm no longer dating her, I have to keep it that way. Lol.

-Motivation. This goes for improving my career and physical strength.

Materialistic things:
-New Car.  Perhaps a Z4... my sister is taking my current one.
*Update (12/27/2012): Got the exact car I wanted and more! BMW Z4, Check!

-New Wardrobe. Enough with the young look. Going for the old.
*Update (4/1/2013): Okay... the car thing hit me hard lol. But I'm finally getting back my finances so I should be able to go get some new clothes soon!

-New Phone. Galaxy Note 2
*Update (11/29/2012): Got it today. Beautiful device.

-New Glasses. For vision and another for sun.
*Update (4/1/2013): Sunglasses check

Physical improvements:
-Body. Become strong physically / 6 pack / active. This is going great already.
*Update (12/3/2012): Evolve with resilience...
     This isn't just about physical pain anymore... it's gotten to me mentally.
The diet, discipline, and constantly forcing myself to hit the gym... this is getting rough.
Don't give up, don't give up, is what I tell myself. Only thing that keeps me motivated is fear.
The fear of losing. I hate losing and refuse to lose.

-Facial Skin. Maybe it's the age? Skin's been reacting badly lately. Reaching out for professional help VERY soon.

-Teeth. I gotta take out these damn wisdom teeth. 

-Hair Style. This is almost there.
*Update (4/1/2013): This was in January but got the  more older look.

That's a bit of an upgrade there. =)
I'll be crossing these out as I reach the goal one by one. Baby steps!
Things are already improving as I write this.
Been hitting the gym two times a day lately. Morning and after work. It feels great! I just need to balance out the resting periods so I don't over train myself.
Eating healthier. I do occasionally get fast food here and there but most of the time it's lots of vegies and healthy meat.

You know... this entry is boring as hell. Why are positive things so damn boring to write/read? lol...
Anyways... I intend to get all these things done within 5 months.

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