Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I think I like this shot. First I have to see which one I want to stick with. =P But I think this one is the best over all... Ugh gotta make the environment stuff.. haha

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Updates =)

So I ordered my next computer. 8Core Mac Pro. Yeap! Basically there is 8 of 3.0GHz chips inside one computer. Haha... the power!!! No more suffering from rendering.
Check out this monster!
You can check out the specs there if you're interested in buying one.

Got me a copy of Zbrush 3. This prog is way better than before! I'm taking my time learning all the tools and stuff at the moment. It's very fun to learn. =) Here's a shot.
The new interface is pretty nice. Still got alot to learn at the moment though.

STARCRAFT 2 has been announced! Freaking... I'm so hyped for it. You guys should watch the cinematic scene. It's beautiful.

Well today is Sunday and I feel like just being lazy. Maybe I should play some warcraft 3... haha.
I'll do a little bit in Zbrush and game all night.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My current project

Here's a picture of something I'm working on these days.
I don't want to publish it to the public yet =P
Maybe I'll change my mind later when I need to get some critiques.

My new modeling blog!

I had my old one but I'm going to start a new one.
Welcome to my blog. I'll be posting up the latest work up here on this spot.
If you're a friend, let me know your address so I can add you.
Till then... toodles.