Thursday, July 26, 2007

Restarting Spawn

This is sad news... My mentor just tore me a new one about the spawn model itself.
Basically I have to restart my spawn model. Guess it's a good thing for the future but man... having to restart this bitch is a BITCH. Whatever... I'm happy I don't have to stress about texturing, lighting, and mapping. Finally get to a model character again. I'm trying my best to look at this as a positive thing. I'll have the enhanced Spawn model within 1.5 weeks of pure modeling spree. Until then fellas, I'm going in my zombie mode. See you then!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Problems after problems after problems

God... There's just so much trouble shooting when it comes to rendering...
Before this I had to format my computer again due to some issues. Mac Pro doens't like any kind of windows so I had to find a specific one. Then I install the damn thing and maya. I tried rendering but it gives me bunch of fatal errors saying I'm running out of memory. So I have to downsize everything to a minimum which means I lose quality of the piece. Then I have to apply more different kind of maps if I want to keep the details. Test render, crash, test render, crash. So fucking frustrating! I attached the guns on the lowrez model of the spawn. I think way better than the pistol and chain from before.
It's not just modeling. I wish I can just model and voila, I'm done. But then I wouldn't get hired if I did that... lol. Model > Texture > Create maps > Light > test render > Render. Each > takes so much knowledge and time. Need to understand the progress on what works and what doesn't.
It looks as if this thing should be a easy joyride but damn... so many troubleshooting on the way.
This would be much easier if Mental Ray stopped crashing on me everytime I render...

That was rant. GAH! I should move on to Renderman.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New toys for Mr. Spawn

The tiny pistol wasn't just bringing out Spawn's personality. So made 2 new big guns for him to hold. Haven't smoothed out or textured but the modeling part is done. Now I gotta open up the UVs, Texture all the parts, Make edges so they make clear hard edges. Sigh... so much more to modeling than just... modeling. I hope these guns look sweet next to spawn. =P

I fixed the proportion of his body. I made his legs longer since most of the critiques were saying my legs were short. Looks better now. I'll post some new shots later.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Patience, Dedication, and Self Dicipline

Lately I've been doing alot of self study. Thanks to my friend Katie, I was able to make a organize notebook for myself. Basically I'm writing my own Modeling book. It's filling up quite nicely. This Spawn model will be finished soon. I can see the end of it. Things are falling into place and I just have to polish it. I don't think it's going to look the quality that I wanted it to get to. I just need more experience with this stuff.
Lighting to study now... also some more indepth texture painting.