Saturday, April 16, 2011

Orange County Here I Come!

Hey folks!
Guess what? I'm employed again! I told myself I was gonna take 3 months off but man, snagged me a nice job! It's a company called A2Z. Amazon owned small game dev company. Can't say much but it's a small team and I love working in small teams.
Anyways, I just applied to the place because they said they have a small team. Also, being owned by Amazon seem like a company that was pretty stable financially.
They got back and sent me an art test. I worked hard on it and sent it back. Got the the round 2 and 3 of interviews, then flew out to OC. God... the place is amazing! Great food, environment and the beach! Met my aunt and 2 friends I have there. Great times. Interviews went great! Or in my opinion it did... lol. Then got a call from them after coming back! They gave me a great offer so I took it. Life is so positive right now. I'm loving it. I feel like my "grunt" stage of my career is complete. Anyways, here are the art test.

Friday, March 25, 2011

BACK! Dominance War!

Alright. Wow, my last post was depressing as shit wasn't it? lol.
Update on my life from then on in a quick way.
I freelanced for a bit. Then Cryptic Studios hired me. Then laid off. Got an offer from Japan for some children show (Which I ended up not taking). Then Heartwood studios hired me. Long ass drive but loved the people I worked with there. THEN the studio ran out of projects. Sad face.
An art director from Netdevil called me. Mr. Peter Grundy. Best boss I've ever had! I went in as the 3D artist for the marketing team. There I did screenshots, up-res the low poly models, renders... LOTS of renders... LEGO Universe, Jumpgate Evolution, and Fortune Online are the games that I worked on. I had a great time with this company while I was there and loved my Creative Service team. AVATAR! =D But now I'm laid off again. Major downsizing at the company.
BUT! I met great people here in Colorado and making the best of it.
Right now it's just relaxing and enjoying the unemployment. Before I'd panic, but boy does it feel good to have people that support you unconditionally. I'm a lucky guy.
I bought a dog. =D His name is Digi. Named him after my screenname digiegg. =P

Cool dog. =)
Back to modeling. I've wanted to take some time out of the professional career to revamp my portflio. I was making this ironman but Dominance War came along so I think I'll compete.
Why not? I have no excuse right?
Here's the Ironman Mark I
This I'll complete later.

I'm sure you guys heard of Dominance War:
Here's my working Thread. I'm with team CGSociety.

Well, That's all folks! Digi and I will return later on!