Saturday, April 16, 2011

Orange County Here I Come!

Hey folks!
Guess what? I'm employed again! I told myself I was gonna take 3 months off but man, snagged me a nice job! It's a company called A2Z. Amazon owned small game dev company. Can't say much but it's a small team and I love working in small teams.
Anyways, I just applied to the place because they said they have a small team. Also, being owned by Amazon seem like a company that was pretty stable financially.
They got back and sent me an art test. I worked hard on it and sent it back. Got the the round 2 and 3 of interviews, then flew out to OC. God... the place is amazing! Great food, environment and the beach! Met my aunt and 2 friends I have there. Great times. Interviews went great! Or in my opinion it did... lol. Then got a call from them after coming back! They gave me a great offer so I took it. Life is so positive right now. I'm loving it. I feel like my "grunt" stage of my career is complete. Anyways, here are the art test.

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